Want to be number one in Google Search results? :)

The first thing a potential SEO client often asks an SEO company is… can you get us #1 on Google? It’s a fair question, however, once we help our SEO clients learn a bit more about search engine optimization, and how they benefit by increasing targeted traffic and creating conversions as well as optimizing their return on investment, they become less focused on Google search rankings, and more focused on metrics that provide the best ROI.

A professional SEO analyst can help in any of these scenarios. Our locally based Calgary SEO company provides internet marketing and SEO services for businesses and organizations located in Canada and the United States. Our client’s range from small Calgary businesses to multi-million dollar corporations. Many of them had zero online presence prior to partnering with us. On average, our clients see an increase of over 350% in site traffic and a 400% increase in leads that are generated from online sources, and it all starts with expert SEO advice and services.

Local SEO focuses on the region that your business serves rather than the Internet as a whole. For example, if you own a restaurant serving Aisian cuisine in Calgary, with Calgary SEO, we aim to lead anyone Googling the phrase "Asian restaurants Calgary" to your business first by boosting your search engine ranking and general online presence.

The industry is constantly changing, and new trends emerge with every update to Google’s algorithms. At Webbonobo.ca, we provide the best and most effective SEO services paired with exceptional custom website design; we guarantee top tier results and our methods are proven to work.