We build websites and applications which perfectly compatible with mobile devices

Between 30% and 60% of traffic now comes from tablets and smart phones – without a quality responsive site you could increase your bounce rate and lose thousands of potential conversions. Social traffic is even more likely to come from mobile devices, with 85% of 10 million twitter users now access the platform via their phones. A responsive or mobile friendly site is now a basic consumer expectation.

Responsive web design is the design methodology that focuses on adapting navigation, image size and content flow based on the type of viewing device being used to make your website “mobile-friendly”. The top viewing devices are desktop computers, tablets (such as the iPad) and mobile devices (such as iPhones and Android-based smartphones).

A Google survey revealed that 67% of users are likely to buy or convert after visiting a site that’s mobile-friendly, while 61% of users will move on to another one if the site is not responsive. If you don’t offer a good mobile experience, you may not even appear on mobile searches.

All our designs come with mobile-friendly UI(User Interface) as we understand its importance today!